ACS7 - Contract CrossChain Standard

ACS7 is for cross chain related contract implementation.


This involves methods for chain creation and indexing:

  • ProposeCrossChainIndexing
    • Propose cross chain to be indexed and wait for approvals from authorized organizations;
  • ReleaseCrossChainIndexing
    • Release the proposed indexing if already approved.
  • RecordCrossChainData
    • The method to record cross chain data and complete indexing.
  • RequestSideChainCreation
    • Request to create a new side chain e wait for approvals from authorized organizations;.
  • ReleaseSideChainCreation
    • Release the side chain creation request if already approved and it will call the method CreateSideChain.
  • CreateSideChain
    • The method to create a new side chain.
  • Recharge
    • Recharge for one specific side chain.
  • DisposeSideChain
    • Stop indexing for one specific side chain.
  • AdjustIndexingFeePrice
    • Adjust indexing fee for one specific side chain.
  • VerifyTransaction
    • Transaction cross chain verification.
  • GetChainInitializationData
    • Get side chain initialization data which is needed during the first time startup of side chain node.


ACS7 declares methods for the scenes about cross chain. AElf provides the implementation for ACS7, CrossChainContract. Please refer api docs of this contract for more details.