The process of becoming a BP is as follows:

  1. Set up nodes.

  2. Participate in BP election using nodes.


  • Voters stake ELF tokens to vote for their preferred nodes.

  • Outcome of election:

    1. Block Producer - elected based on top 2N+1

    2. Candidate Nodes - elected based on top 5*(2N+1)

    3. Nodes

Set up nodes

aelf currently doesn’t have light nodes, it means that all the nodes users set up are full nodes. You can click here to learn how to set up a full node.

Note: Since you want to become a BP, you need to run individual nodes for both MainChain AELF and all the SideChains.

Participate in BP election

You need to stake 100,000 ELF in order to participate in the node election. Please make sure that you are not low on balance.

You can enter the Governance page, click the “Become a candidate node” button, and stake 100,000 ELF to join the node election.

Users vote for nodes

Users can visit this site and vote for candidate nodes at Governance - Vote - Node Table.

The top 2N+1 nodes become BPs, and the top 5*(2N+1) nodes become candidate nodes, where N starts from 8 in 2022 and increases by 1 each year.

BPs are elected

BPs are elected every seven days and the change of terms starts at 7:23 (UTC) every Thursday. If your node receives enough votes to rank top 2N+1 of all candidate nodes in the election, it will automatically become a BP in the next term. If ranking between top 2N+1 and top 5*(2N+1), it will become a candidate node. You can check the current elected BPs in real-time on the election page.

Simulate in the local environment

If you want to try setting up a node and running as a BP in your local environment, please follow the instructions to simulate it in the local.