Run the node

Next you can run Boilerplate (and it’s an internal node). This will automatically deploy the Greeter contract. Open a terminal in the root Boilerplate directory and navigate to the launcher project:

cd chain/src/AElf.Boilerplate.GreeterContract.Launcher

Next, run the node:

dotnet run AElf.Boilerplate.GreeterContract.Launcher.csproj

From here, you should see the build and eventually the nodes logs.

Boilerplate will deploy your contract when the node starts. You can call the Boilerplate node API:

aelf-command get-chain-status
? Enter the the URI of an AElf node:
✔ Succeed
  "ChainId": "AELF",
  "Branches": {
    "6032b553ec9a5c81713cf8410f426dfc1ca0f43e64d56f527fc7a9c60b90e694": 3073
  "NotLinkedBlocks": {},
  "LongestChainHeight": 3073,
  "LongestChainHash": "6032b553ec9a5c81713cf8410f426dfc1ca0f43e64d56f527fc7a9c60b90e694",
  "GenesisBlockHash": "c3bddca1909ebf37b95be7f26b990e07916790913e0f48da1a831b3c777d59ff",
  "GenesisContractAddress": "2gaQh4uxg6tzyH1ADLoDxvHA14FMpzEiMqsQ6sDG5iHT8cmjp8",
  "LastIrreversibleBlockHash": "85fee024d156de3be665c296c567423026e0e3369ad7dc5ee81dbb2a15dfe2f2",
  "LastIrreversibleBlockHeight": 3042,
  "BestChainHash": "6032b553ec9a5c81713cf8410f426dfc1ca0f43e64d56f527fc7a9c60b90e694",
  "BestChainHeight": 3073

This enables further testing of the contract, including testing it from a dApp.