Running a node with Docker

A pre-requisite to this tutorial is to install Docker on your system.

Pull AElf Docker image

After you have completed the Docker installation, you can pull the latest version of the official AElf image with the following command:

docker pull aelf/node

While downloading you can make sure your Redis database instance is ready.

Create configuration

First, choose a location for the configuration, for this tutorial we’ll create a directory called singleNode.

mkdir singleNode
cd singleNode

Next in the directory place appsettings.json and appsettings.MainChain.MainNet.json files. An example of appsettings.json can be found here. And an example of appsettings.MainChain.MainNet.json can be found here

Then you can modify appsettings.json file. And the only fields you have to change are the IP and port of your Redis instance :

  "ConnectionStrings": {
    "BlockchainDb": "redis://",
    "StateDb": "redis://"

Replace “” and 6379 with whatever host your Redis server is on.

Starting the container

Once you have finished downloading the latest version of the AElf image, you can start the container:

docker run -it -p 8000:8000 -v <path/to/singleNode>:/opt/aelf-node -w /opt/aelf-node aelf/node:latest dotnet /app/AElf.Launcher.dll

Access the node’s Swagger

You now should have a node that’s running, to check this open the browser and enter the address:


The ip should be localhost if you browser is local.

From here you can try out any of the available API commands on the Swagger page. You can also have a look at the API reference here.