Type and Namespace Restrictions

Nodes checks new contract code against below whitelist and if there is a usage of any type that is not covered in the whitelist, or the method access or type name is denied in below whitelist, the deployment will fail.

Assembly Dependencies

Assembly Trust
netstandard.dll Partial
System.Runtime.dll Partial
System.Runtime.Extensions.dll Partial
System.Private.CoreLib.dll Partial
System.ObjectModel.dll Partial
System.Linq.dll Full
System.Collections Full
Google.Protobuf.dll Full
AElf.Sdk.CSharp.dll Full
AElf.Types.dll Full
AElf.CSharp.Core.dll Full
AElf.Cryptography.dll Full

Types and Members Whitelist in System Namespace

Type Member (Field / Method) Allowed
Array AsReadOnly Allowed
Func<T> ALL Allowed
Func<T,T> ALL Allowed
Func<T,T,T> ALL Allowed
Nullable<T> ALL Allowed
Environment CurrentManagedThreadId Allowed
BitConverter GetBytes Allowed
NotImplementedException ALL Allowed
NotSupportedException ALL Allowed
ArgumentOutOfRangeException ALL Allowed
DateTime Partially Allowed
DateTime Now, UtcNow, Today Denied
Uri TryCreate Allowed
Uri Scheme Allowed
Uri UriSchemeHttp Allowed
Uri UriSchemeHttps Allowed
void ALL Allowed
object ALL Allowed
Type ALL Allowed
IDisposable ALL Allowed
Convert ALL Allowed
Math ALL Allowed
bool ALL Allowed
byte ALL Allowed
sbyte ALL Allowed
char ALL Allowed
int ALL Allowed
uint ALL Allowed
long ALL Allowed
ulong ALL Allowed
decimal ALL Allowed
string ALL Allowed
string Constructor Denied
Byte[] ALL Allowed

Types and Members Whitelist in System.Reflection Namespace

Type Member (Field / Method) Allowed
AssemblyCompanyAttribute ALL Allowed
AssemblyConfigurationAttribute ALL Allowed
AssemblyFileVersionAttribute ALL Allowed
AssemblyInformationalVersionAttribute ALL Allowed
AssemblyProductAttribute ALL Allowed
AssemblyTitleAttribute ALL Allowed

Other Whitelisted Namespaces

Namespace Type Member Allowed
System.Linq ALL ALL Allowed
System.Collections ALL ALL Allowed
System.Collections.Generic ALL ALL Allowed
System.Collections.ObjectModel ALL ALL Allowed
System.Globalization CultureInfo InvariantCulture Allowed
System.Runtime.CompilerServices RuntimeHelpers InitializeArray Allowed
System.Text Encoding UTF8,GetByteCount Allowed

Allowed Types for Arrays

Type Array Size Limit
byte 40960
short 20480
int 10240
long 5120
ushort 20480
uint 10240
ulong 5120
decimal 2560
char 20480
string 320
Type 5
Object 5
FileDescriptor 10
GeneratedClrTypeInfo 100