Developer documentation is designed to provide developers with guidelines, documents, and API references. It is helpful for developers who want to build DApps on aelf and develop contracts. New users can also get to know things like how nodes run from this documentation.

This documentation is still updated, so you are encouraged to frequently visit this site to check the new content.

What is aelf

aelf is an excellent one-stop solution for Web3 DApps, built upon a cloud-native, high-performance, next-gen blockchain system. With its various infrastructures and developer tools that underpin Web3, applications in aelf ecosystem can run in a secure, fast, smooth, and cost-efficient manner.

With its well-developed infrastructures for Web3 applications like DeFi and Metaverse, aelf provides Web3 users and developers with a fast, smooth, and low-cost experience, further lowering the bar. aelf will be an integral part of the metaverse and the convenient entrance to that world for everyone.

To learn more about aelf infrastructure, please refer to aelf Whitepaper.

To learn more about aelf governance, please refer to aelf Economic and Governance Whitepaper.

Why aelf?

aelf is a high-performance, cloud-native, layer-1 blockchain network with its Mainnet nodes running on different cloud-computing data centers. It provides a high-speed running environment for smart contracts and enables the execution of contracts in parallel and smart contract microservitization running on server clusters. Its MainChain and multi-SideChains architecture supports efficient indexing within the network and guarantees almost unlimited scalability. The built-in cross-chain design facilitates ultra-fast interaction of data. The innovative hybrid of shared SideChain and exclusive SideChain greatly lowers the cost for developers and users and further enhances the overall network performance.