Welcome to AElf's official documentation. This GitBook is where we centralize our guides, documents and api references. Wether you're a dApp developer looking to build some awesome apps on top of AElf or simply just interested in seeing what a running node looks like, this place is for you!

As of today the documentation is correct but still a work in progress so we invite you to frequently visit and discover any new content.

A bit more about AElf

AElf's main objective is to permit scalability and extensibility through a multi-layer branching structure formed by a main chain and multiple levels of side-chains (a tree like structure). Each side-chain will be designed for one business use case.

AElf also aims to make it as easy as possible to extend/customize the system by providing easy to use tools and frameworks in order to customize the chains and write smart contracts. AElf will support various languages that will let developers choose the one they are the most comfortable with.

AElf will improve overall blockchain performance by executing transactions in parallel and isolating smart contracts in their own side-chains in order to segregate the systems resources.

This GitBook

This GitBook contains various different types of documentation and depending on what you will use AElf for, you should navigate to different sections. Here are a few links you can follow to get you started.

Guides and tutorials

AElf concepts

  • protocol - some articles about blockchain related concepts and how they are used and implemented in AElf.

  • smart contract - a more advanced section with more in-depth explanations of AElf smart contracts.

  • cross chain - information about how AElf implements side chains.

  • public chain ecosystem - information related to AElf's public blockchain and ecosystem.

  • architecture - this section is for advanced users, it explains the architectural concepts behind the node's design.


This section provides links to API references for the Command Line Interface, the js-sdk and the nodes RPC interface.

  • command line - a reference for the available commands on AElf's CLI.

  • web api - a reference for the available methods on AElf's web api.

  • js sdk - a reference for the available APIs in the js SDK.

Some resources

  • contract APIs - API explanation for certain important smart contracts.

You can find the original whitepaper here. It will give you a more thorough explanation on the concepts that drive AElf and its development.

Of course, there's the official GitHub here and the js-sdk repo here.